Located on Le Van Luong street at the gateway of the capital, Oriental Garden Hanoi with high-class facilities and a green landscape system will give residents a classy living space, close to nature.

The highlight of the project’s utility system is the community living area. At present, when many apartment projects in Hanoi are taking advantage of the area for utilities to increase the area of apartments to increase profits, at the Oriental Garden apartment in Hanoi, the investor has spent nearly 500m2 (equivalent to area of 7 2 bedroom apartments in the project) constructing community living area. This is not only a place where residents can have fun but also contribute to the community of residents living in the project

Western architectural style focuses on the green element in the design to create a green living space for future residents.

As a place where you can enjoy a green living space in harmony with nature, Le Van Luong Oriental Garden Project has a landscape system with a large area. Green landscape including trees, flower beds, garden … promises to bring fresh air and life close to nature.

In order to bring a new living space, comfort and class, Oriental Garden Hanoi Apartment is integrated with modern facilities such as art sprinkler system, shopping street, gym, cafe, swimming pool. Modern swimming pool, garden, walking street, children’s play area, preschool, community area …

Trees are arranged in all the buildings of the project, possibly in the corners created between two apartments, next to the elevator or corridors of floors. Not only bringing fresh air, the arrangement of trees is also a great architectural highlight. Oriental Garden is no longer the rigid buildings with bricks and concrete but has become a perfect architecture. Thanks to the talented hands of architects, Oriental Garden Le Van Luong project has become a new green urban area in the west of Hanoi.