La Perla Villas Resort is a 4-star coastal villa project, located at Mui Ke beach, Binh Thuan. This is the most beautiful beach in Binh Thuan and is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, located in the international tourism planning area of ​​the province with a total scale of up to 350 hectares, the area still retains its original beauty. Profile of the blue sea. With white sandy beaches, the way here you will be extremely excited to drive across the road on one side is a mountain, one side is the sea and a series of high-class resorts.

With a beautiful terrain stretching 120m the most beautiful coast of Binh Thuan province is the highlight of the project. Located in an extremely beautiful location when the area has a uniform scale of “Resort only” – meaning that the projects are planned in the form of a high-class resort resort and there is no type of Motel, Hotel should contribute to the increase of the value of La Perla Villas Resort – La Perla Binh Thuan. In addition, the resort project is located adjacent to Ke Ga lighthouse, a popular tourist destination with a temperate climate all year round with long-smooth-beautiful sandy beaches.

Binh Thuan Province with a vision to develop marine tourism as a focus has been promoting very fast the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway project, thereby shortening the travel distance from Ho Chi Minh City – villa project. La Perla Villas Resort is less than 2 hours away. At the same time, the Phan Thiet airport project being implemented firmly in the near future will be a potential destination for domestic and foreign tourists.