Each apartment in the beautiful Virgo Nha Trang Project is a masterpiece of design. Integrating many facilities that are both a planning and a home, this is also a resting place for families of tourists every weekend.

Taking advantage of the prime location, 100% sea view, the design units of the beautiful condotel Virgo marine apartments have come up with an extremely reasonable design, taking advantage of the geographical position, however still carries its own breath extremely unique and impressive. The inside design is all imported, good quality. Enclosing all apartments is tempered glass. From here visitors can see the sea from all locations at his apartment. Sunlight through the new pale yellow resonant glass of interior wall paint and interior design in the apartment adds brilliance and freshness to the room. Every place in the apartment of the tourist has natural light. The mirrors are arranged throughout the apartment, from the corridor outside the doors to the rooms, making the apartment seem to be duplicated at every angle.

With sophisticated designs, when you own an apartment in Condotel Virgo Beach, the beautiful sea as well as you own a miniature world. The tourist room as a metropolis in Europe is surrounded by primeval forests which are green parks in the project area with white sand and blue sea. When living here, tourists will enjoy the most ideal things that nature offers

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